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Got what it takes to be in the "Fallen Brotherhood"?

If you are honest, are a loyal person then you could be a a member of the Brotherhood. Fallen Earth players come and go but in this Clan,Once a Brother, Always a brother. In this Clan, people have found a permanent home for their characters, and take pride in wearing the name. The Fallen Brotherhood is a SOCIAL Guild. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve greatness and have a goal of making one of the best enforcer raid teams ever to exist. Plan on attacking TC? Join us, as we help to rebuild the positive attitude of enforcers through Unity and training.

We hold together, share information, share items, run together and sometimes die together. We are solid friends that will rally to a single Member’s call for help. No Brother is over looked, every Brother is equally important. The Senior Officers of the Fallen Brotherhood are the most selfless and loyal Clan Members the game
Our Officers are highly experienced and trusted members that have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt to be loyal and hard working members of the Clan. Again, this is not a rank you can beg, borrow or steal your way into. When the Clan leader(Big Brother) and the Senior Officers feel you are ready to be promoted to Officer, you will be. No amount of asking will make it happen any quicker. Officers(High Council) are very special players that have a Clan Vault access and are devoted the integrity of the vault. They are often found helping other Members by sharing their knowledge of the game, running instances and helping to level players.
Majors have been with the Fallen Brotherhood for more than a week and have proven themselves devoted to their fellow Brothers.Officers have access to many pulls from the Clan Vault and form the solid backbone of thebrotherhood. High council members are expected (as all Brothers are) to observe and follow the rules and conduct requirements laid out on this website with every player they come in contact with. They do their best to bring respect and honor to the name “Fallen Brotherhood” that every player can see attached to their name.
It is important to remember that The Fallen Brotherhood have a strict policy of no re-invites, so if you decide to leave or you do something to get yourself removed, you will not be allowed to rejoin this Clan. If you managed to get back into the Fallen Brotherhood through some oversight, please be aware that you will be removed from the Clan immediately. The reason for this is simple. We are looking for stable, mature and committed members. We are looking for players that don’t get in a mood at the drop of a hat and leave or ninjas that think we are an easy target. There is no such thing as a former Brother, only Brothers in the present tense. Either you are with us or without. I hope this helps many players that are thinking of joining us, understand how special we think it is to be in the Fallen Brotherhood. The only question we have for you is… are you a Worthy?

Accepting New Recruits! All levels accepted! Apply
Guild News    

My apology...

Bryce Blair, May 7, 12 7:31 AM.
I wanna offer my personal apology for my recent lack of involvement ingame. I have been rather busy IRL, and have recently been experiencing difficulty as the are doing upgrades on the lines that provide my internet. i would like to thank all of My officers who have stepped up to carry the torch for me in my absence.

Vehicle purchases

Bryce Blair, Apr 30, 12 7:58 PM.
I will be starting a vehicles purchase assistance program to help all players acquire a vehicle of their choic, and as per our discussion may even be contracting Von Morokei to begin assembling what vehicles he can for the clan to offer as rewards. 
I would like your input on this topic and invite you all to bring it up in Clan chat when the oppportunity poses its face.

Clan Profitablility

Bryce Blair, Apr 30, 12 7:54 PM.
I have been very concerned with the progression of the clan lately, and I am not so sure everyone understands that the use of this webiste is an important factor in that. If you have any questions regarding clan activities, or need to reach me or another officer, this is your best route in doing so. For those of you whom havent had a chance to notice, I have mandated a 5red minimum for the clan, and have been dedicated to boosting resources. I have contracted Our munitions officer, Vynbalim to make a assortment of ammo for each and every option available as the ability becomes available and will continue to fund this venture in an effort to make sure theach and every Member has AMMO!
I have also set out with a plan to harvest a stockpile of mats to keep in our vault system. So if you find that you require a specific item and do not see it readily available in the vault, contact me or Our Requisitions officer, Von Morokei, and we will do our best to make sure it is found and stashed. if you see something you need, feel free to contact any available officer ion game and request it, withing reason, as all items are there for us to dont be selfish. I also want to point oput that we have sorted the vaults based on the contents, and there is now a vault that will contain Armor for you Alts, or your main, if you see some thing fit to be worn. i have donated all of my personal gear since lvl 20 (with the exception of Faction) for your browsing and use. i hope that you find this system to be helpful, and I aim to make this a program to benefit everyone.

I invite you all to create alts, and invite them in to clan and request that you all do your best to help recruit new and unique members that will add to the flavor of the clan. It is  important that the clan be in a constant state of growth and keep pace with all others on the server....So if you see someone that you feel would be a good addition to our ranks..Feel free to PM them and invite...

Alright all, I think I have bored you all enough, and I am off to hunt Good Journey friends.

Territory Control

Bryce Blair, Apr 30, 12 7:34 PM.

In recent days we have all been toying around in TC and have found the lure to be a bit irresistable. I am please to see such teamwork amongst the clansmen, and must say I look forward to the upcoming possibility of us raiding as a clan. I have seen everyone making the mad dash to lvl, and the numbers of "brothers" hitting the Chota farm is astounding. For thos of you whom havent tasted "TC" here is a bit of news about it.
The folks at Fallen Earth have been working hard to constantly improve the experience for their players since going free-to-play, and one of the latest innovations coming to the game is global territory control.  In a recent blog, Neverender talked a little bit about this feature, and what the devs have in mind for it’s future.

 We’re taking existing Conflict Towns, Faction Control Points, and open PvP zones all over the game and using them to track each Faction’s global dominance. “

By helping your Faction control strategic locations, players will be rewarded with some very nice quality of life rewards, as well as the gameplay experience of defending the areas.  Rewards so far include faster crafting and harvesting speed, Faction Gain, XP Gain, Death Toll Gain, and random AP gain.

On a global level, the Faction that has accrued the most points (earned over time from controlling Keeps, Conflict Towns, and FCPs) will be rewarded with the Global Territory Control buff that we think will be attractive for all styles of play.”

Control areas will be present beginning in Sector 2, and only level-appropriate players will be able to control the areas, so even low-level players can have a big hand in helping make their Faction the most powerful in the land.

For more info you can head over to the official Fallen Earth Dev Blog.


Bryce Blair, Apr 26, 12 10:25 AM.
I have begun the process of crafting harvesters for the clan. If you require a harvester, I will try and keep the Barter vault stocked with various kinds, and i hope that you will donate a portion of your proceeds to the clan. good hunting brothers!
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